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Since the invention of the shopping cart and narrow parking spaces, discriminating car owners have returned to their cars with dread, hoping not to find a fresh door ding or dent in their previously perfect car. In the past the only option was a trip to the body shop for an estimate on filling the dent or ding and repainting a portion of the car. With the advent of sophisticated factory painting systems, which are difficult to match in non-factory environments, and the varied quality of service offered by body repair shops, the car owner often found himself or herself less than satisfied with the completed work. Fortunately, today there is another option: Paintless Dent Repair.

With Paintless Dent Repair a vehicle can be repaired to a "like new" condition without body fillers and paint. Utilizing specially designed push rods and other tools, a fully trained craftsman can actually push the dent or ding flat with the surrounding surface, bringing the body panel back to its original appearance.

The great news is the new sophisticated paints used today have such a powerful bond to the metal, the paint also flexes back into place without risk of cracking or chipping. This service has other attractive advantages. Specifically, it is less expensive and quicker than conventional repair. The typical repair will take between one half to two hours depending on the damage. Paintless Dent Repair always costs less than the conventional method, typically less than half the cost.

Paintless Dent Repair seems to have originated in the Mercedes Benz factories of Germany where it was used to remove small dings occurring on the production line. In Germany the craftsmen practicing this trade are called "der spinglers" and their tools are passed down from craftsman to apprentice with great honor and pride. In the U.S. several companies make this service available. Some body shops contract their smaller dents and dings to Paintless Dent Repair companies thereby avoiding the problems of paint matching and saving time. Finer car dealers and detail shops also utilize this service to repair new, used, and customer vehicles. Some Paintless Dent Repair companies even provide this service directly to the car owner.

The next time you are unfortunate enough to encounter a door ding on your car, remember you now have another option.