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Louisville’s Most High Tech Paintless Dent Removal Service (PDR).
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AcuDENT knows you take great pride in your vehicle. You probably spent numerous hours choosing the perfect one, meticulously looking for the best personality, features, and the one that just made you feel your greatest. You invested your time and money in this vehicle, and want your hard work reflected in it. A nasty dent can not only be annoying, but it can make you feel like a part of you is blemished. Shaping your vehicle to reflect a better you; AcuDENT has faith that you will leave feeling better than when you came.

Since 2004, AcuDENT has been fixing automotive door dings, dents, and hail damage caused by a variety of reasons from shopping carts to narrow parking spaces. AcuDENT strives to be the number one paintless dent repair in the Louisville, KY area by providing premier customer service and body shop relations with flawless dent repairs.

Integrity is important to the technicians which is why they will educate you about the process, providing you with as much ease as possible.

AcuDENT’s vision is to renew customers’ love for their vehicles while decreasing environmental waste.

Traditional repairs rely on body fillers and paint containing harsh chemicals. AcuDENT shapes your vehicle back to its original look using tools and the proper experience that AcuDENT technicians have mastered over the years. AcuDENT repairs are typically at least 50% less of the cost of a traditional repair and completed in significantly less time. A typical repair is between one half hour to two hours.

Affordable, Fast, Enviromentally Friendly Dent Repair...

Dent Repair Services in Louisville Kentucky and Surrounding Areas!

Full Retail Garage, Mobile Paintless Dent Repair Services.


Courtney -

Acudent removed 3 dents from my hood after a few branches flew into my car while I was driving during a storm. An auto repair shop was going to charge me $650 and keep my car for 2 days to do what Acudent did in 1 hour with no paint repair work. Highly recommended!


These guys are like Magicians! You can't see how in the world they make the Dents Disappear!

Chris -

This is my fourth time using Acudent. As usual my car now looks perfect. I'll add, I'm extremely picky and this current car is very pricey. I wouldn't trust a body shop with it.

Nate -

In about an hour and a half, Acudent was able to remove a huge dent out of my Scion's rear hatch and a shopping cart ding in the door. Fantastic work! I can't even tell they were there!

Eric -

Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality
Ben gave me an estimate for both time and cost and I made an appointment for the following Saturday. I dropped the car, walked to Bardstown Rd., ate breakfast and walked back. Brad fixed a 4" x 6" dent in the hatch if my Honda Fit (in a rolled form area ) in 3 hours for $200. They did a fantastic job, fast and inexpensively. Very pleased and impressed. Very honest and I highly recommend them!

Lori -

I have used Acudent twice & both times they did a great job. They gave me honest answers about their ability to repair my sent. They offer fair prices and excellent customer service.

Frank -

They did exactly what they promised - repair the door so it looked as if it were never dented!!

Sharron -

Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I highly recommend AcuDent to anyone in need of dent and ding car repairs! My fender looks like brand new again! Great Job!

David -

Outstanding service & quality of work. For the dent I had, it was in a very difficult place to repair and to make matters worse, it was in a crease in the vehicle body. These guys were able to completely make it disappear. This was about a $300 job as estimated by my dealership. For $99, it was gone in 1 hour! I highly recommend these guys!

Susan -

This is the 2nd time I've used Acudent and my 2nd vehicle. While on vacation, my car was hit and left an ugly dent. My first thought was I'll call Acudent as soon as I get back. I took my car in on Tuesday and received my estimate and dropped my car off on Thursday morning and picked it up looking amazing. Thanks again Brad!

Ryan -

The service should be utilized more often by consumers, as this a very economical alternative to traditional body repair that keeps in tact the more durable factory paint. Acudent should be the first call when considering dent/hail damage/door dings. It might be surprising what magic these folks can do for even sizable dents.

Aubrey -

You're great: punctual, courteous, professional, and very good.

Devin -

I went to the gym and noticed that a shopping cart had hit my truck in the back driver side door, right in the body line. There's nothing worse than having a blemish in a new vehicle. Acudent was very helpful and professional with getting my dent removed. I was surprised how good of a job they did! I couldn't even tell there was ever a dent there! Great pricing, and even better results!

Dave -

We had a large dent (8 inches) in our SUV. After doing some research online we decided to bring our car to Acudent. Value for our money is always a consideration when making decisions on what businesses we patronize, but in this case we chose Acudent not just for the value, but because it was an environmentally friendly way to fix our car. Our car was fixed yesterday and it looks great. There is absolutely no indication that there was ever a dent. Brad was friendly and informative.

Scott -

Unbelievable service! Had an estimate of repair from an auto body shop for $1200, acudent completely removed the damage for an 1/8 of the cost ..Unreal.. truly talented and highly recommend!

Andy -

Very satisfied with the work done on my Camaro. Timely work, friendly knowledgeable staff who explained every step they were taking to fix my car.

Jeff -

I was very pleased with the service I received at Acudent. Brad gave me an estimate & offered to fix it while I waited rather than having to bring the car back another day. He did a fantastic job, repaired the dents quicker than promised and showed me the progress along the way. We will definitely recommend Acudent & will be back if we need this service on any of our other vehicles.

Ken -

I recently acquired my 2012 BMW 335i. I knew when I bought it, there were several small dents that would need attention on an otherwise beautiful car. Acudent repaired three with no trace of repair and even repaired a fourth that I had missed for no additional charge. Wonderful job, Gavin !! Hope I don't need you again, but I won't hesitate for a minute if it's required. Great job !

Troy -

I brought my 04 Monte Carlo SS in to AcuDent to see if my door dent could be repaired. I wasn't very hopeful, because it had a small crease in the metal also. After Brad worked his magic the dent was totally gone !!! The service and professionalism at AcuDent blew me away. I hope I never have another dent, but if I do AcuDent will be the only place I'll call.