Interested in AcuDENT?

AcuDENT is always interested in paintless dent repair technicians with strong work ethic, integrity, and customer service. AcuDENT provides PDR technicians with stability in a permanent location of Louisville, KY while branching out around the area. Applicants will be evaluated on skill level and fit in the company. AcuDENT could possibly place a technician in a training period if skills are below AcuDENT standards or have limited experience. This would only occur if AcuDENT feels the technician was a proper fit for the company and had growth potential within AcuDENT.

During any major hail in the Louisville area, AcuDENT will subcontract some of the best technicians from all over America. Integrity, positive customer service, and flawless dent repair is required for any subcontractors. If you believe you hold the skills AcuDENT is looking for, call our office at 502.963.3752.